In 1964, Richard Fralick headed to Antarctica.


The object of the trip was to collect and study the marine and terrestrial plant life of the region using SCUBA diving techniques, so Fralick, alongside a team of Harvard scientists, braved the cold, barren, and often dangerous continent to learn more about this planet we call home.

Antarctic Expedition: First Collection of Algae by SCUBA is an account of Fralick's experiences at the bottom of the planet, from encounters with deadly leopard seals to the endearing antics of penguins. Fralick details his experiences with a light, matter-of-fact tone, while adding excerpts from his own journal as well as the journals of two of his colleagues to bring the stories to life.


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Who is Richard Fralick, and what led him to go on this dangerous mission to Antarctica? Learn more about his story and credentials. 

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